Cruise Day 5 – Huatulco, Mexico

This port stop is called Huatulco, in the state of Oaxaca, but we never saw the town. The port is actually in Santa Cruz, which is a small tourist town with a marina and it’s probably pretty quiet when there is not a cruise ship in port. There are mainly just tourist shops and restaurants.

We picked up a strong 4G signal to our phones a few miles before docking and having been without for 5 days, we gorged for a while before getting off the boat. A taxi ($3.00)took us to the next town called Las Crucecitas for a look around. The roads and boulevards are in good condition compared to roads we have traveled farther north in Mexico. And everything looked very clean and tidy.


There are nine small bays along the coast with beautiful beaches


Town square in Las Crucecitas


Many children are already into the selling business


Mirador (observation point)

A different taxi driver taking us back to the port area said he would charge us $1.60 US.  He spoke with an educated accent and when I asked him about it he said he went to the university in Mexico City and had been an accountant there working for the government. But he worked 10 hours a day and that was never enough for his bosses so he quit and moved with his wife to the Huatulco area and now works as a taxi driver 3 days a week. He is also trying to make a go off a small graphics/printing business that he started. On the way to the port he wanted to take a little detour and show us the mirador overlooking the port for no extra charge.  We tipped him more than triple the fare for being so honest.


There are many places at the port and long the beach to get something to eat and drink. There are people in the water that someone said was 92 degrees F.


Practically every town in Mexico has a public square known as a zocalo. This small port town has one that would fit in any large modern city.


Santa Cruz and the small marina

It was time to go back on board and get a late lunch before the buffet closed and so that I could hurry up and write this post before we leave at 4:30.  We have T-Mobile which has roaming agreements with over 100 countries that gives us unlimited data, phone, and text as part of our plan.  It is ironic that our connection is better here  (4G and 4 bars) than it has been anywhere in the US!  I’m sure tomorrow in Chiapas will be good too because Mexico’s Telcel network has outstanding coverage.

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