Cruise Day 9 – Costa Rica

The ship docked early this morning and we will soon leave for a shore excursion. Yesterday was a sea day and since I don’t care to pay $25 a day for internet or $125 for 250 minutes slow connection, I couldn’t bring you all up to date on our last two stops. When on shore we are more focused on sightseeing than anything else. And now the weak signal will only allow me to write an email post to WordPress from my phone.

Rather than book the 31-day cruise to Buenos Aires, we purchased two cruises back to back saving $2800 each. We will have to pack up and debark in Valparaiso, Chile and then check in again the same day for the second cruise to Argentina. We will also have a different cabin and free 250 minutes of internet.

On days 6 and 7 we were in Chiapas, Mexico and Antigua, Guatemala.

Below are pictures of a church on the main square in Tapachula, Mexico, Mayan dance performers at the dock and at a planetarium, and Iztapa Mayan ruins plus more.

¬†Tapachula is close to the Guatemalan border and is the place where illegal immigrants are processed before they make the journey north. Our tour guide said many Haitians started arriving this year in waves to request asylum in the US before Trump won’t allow them in.


  1. It took me a minute to get your Trump reference, but you are very witty. Hang in there- I’m hoping it’s not going to be as bad as we fear. Enjoy your cruise! You were so smart to book 2 and save all that money!!


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