New Camera

I researched cameras for three months, spending several hundred hours reading review after review including customer reviews on Amazon.  One of my favorite sites is to compare output between two cameras that you select.  This site is German but you only need to open the scroll down window to input the camera models and whether you want to see JPEG or RAW test photo’s.

My list was narrowed down to three:  Canon 50D, Nikon D90, and Pentax K-7.  I went back and forth with these three and changed my mind constantly.  The plusses and minuses of each kept offsetting each other.  I wanted to like the Pentax K-7 because of the advanced features and the compact magnesium alloy body, but it always fell short in image quality in the reviews; namely high ISO noise.  I also wanted to settle on the Canon because I have some old Canon lenses, but when I saw one in a store and picked it up, it was just too bulky for my hands.   That left the Nikon D90.


However, I went to Costco and happened to see this model, the D5000.  So I went home and research revealed it has the same components as the D90 and the exact same image quality.  It lacks the better LCD and doesn’t have Depth of Field Preview but is several hundred dollars less.  I didn’t get it at Costco though.  There are better prices elsewhere.

So yesterday I went to Manitou Springs to take pictures to show you our beautiful town.  Not one single photo turned out because I forgot to change the settings from playing around with it the night before (ISO 3200 and incandescent white balance). All the pictures were colored blue and ruined.  The picture above was taken with my old camera.  It will be nice when I learn the new camera well enough that finding and changing settings is automatic.
After note:  A week after buying this camera I traded in the 18-55mm lens at a camera shop for a used 18-200mm lens.   My old camera is a super zoom and 18-55 was very limiting. 

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