Zion National Park, Utah


Yesterday we went to Steve’s nephew’s house in Las Vegas for dinner.  We had planned to return to the RV park and go to the Strip today but Nick’s house was 20 miles away, in the very most northern part of the city.  So we decided to spend the night in front of his house and go to Zion today, thus avoiding driving back through the huge city.  We enjoyed our time in Las Vegas but didn’t take any pictures.  Best of all, our little vacation there cost us less than $150 for camping, entertainment, and eating.


It sure is an advantage to be elderly/senior/old when going to our national parks.  Entry to Zion was free for us and our camping spot costs just $8 a night.  Otherwise it would have been a $25 entry fee and $16 for camping. 


There are two campgrounds here and the one with electric hookups was full.  Luckily the other one has plenty of room.  I think it would be better to arrive here on a Sunday or Monday.  But right now the weather could not be more perfect.  77 degrees every day until Monday and then it might snow again.


Our first hike was to Lower Emerald Falls.  You can see the water coming down in the center of this photo.  There are two more waterfalls on this trail. One of our guide pamphlets lists 10 trails in the park.


We drove the length of the canyon and the views are amazing in every direction.


St. George, Utah has a great visitor center where we obtained brochures of the various parks.  We also received a free Utah map that is much more detailed than the road atlas book. 



At the end of the canyon we walked the final trail, 2.2 mile Riverside Walk. Here you can see a narrow waterfall cascading down from the top of the canyon.



  1. This area has so much in relatively short distances from each other. I never would have thought we could leave Las Vegas at 9 am and do two hikes in Zion the same day. Plus we had a leisurely lunch in St. George. PLUS, and I didn't mention this in the blog, but due to a comedy of errors we entered Arizona twice and Utah twice.


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